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We are all about Natural Healing Strategies to heal from the inside out.

Find direction on your path to health and unity. Be empowered by the many strategies you will learn to bring balance to your body, mind and spirit. Feel more unified within yourself and in relation to your world.

When we seek out for Healing, what we are really seeking for is more Balance, Joy and Happiness in our lives.

What we sometimes do not realize is that we are magnificent beings containing all that we need within us to be successful and joyous right now.  An acorn has all the potential in itself  to be a great majestic oak tree.

Here is a BODY, MIND, SPIRIT approach to how we help create an environment that will empower individuals to achieve more balance, joy and happiness:

The SPIRIT approach: 

  • La Trame is a vibrational therapy that is alchemy based. It acts to refine and align the body instrument to receive more light and be more unified. The therapy works on the subtle body of a person to help eliminate unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs and traumas stored in the body. These energetic blocks within the body are the source of physical and mental dis-ease. As the body is released from the emotional debris, the body is attuned to its natural vibrational state at birth. The results of La Trame therapy can manifest either as physical pain alleviation, emotional peace or/and mental clarity. The gain in energy that is created for an a more fluid state of being provides the power one needs to  make and take life changing decisions that bring them closer to their true essence of joy. See La Trame page for more details on how this works.

The BODY approach:

  • Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness. This dynamic style of yoga uses the power of breath, inner focus, and various asanas to build inner strength and stamina. The yoga classes create a safe place to challenge and push yourself through your own limitation and perceptions. This style of yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan enhance the circulation of fluids and pranic energy in the body, it strengthens the nervous system,  and endocrine system. This activates our personal power to be more resilient with an expanded awareness of self and our place in the world.

The MIND Approach: 

  • Meditation is a powerful tool that works on both mind control and also expansion of consciousness. Having constant mind chatter is not your natural state. There are various meditation techniques that are practiced and shared that develops concentration, one-pointedness, enhances healing and most important expands awareness of self and your place in the world. It is only through stillness can we listen and hear the guidance that comes to us from our more subtle realms. It is a practice that helps us to respond to the world rather than react to it.


These group programs have been developed to help individuals of all ages to get in touch with themselves,  their emotions, perceptions of self, beliefs, and identify what is preventing them from experiencing Joy and living their full potential. All the programs expand the awareness and perception of our world we live in and it empowers each one to find and take their rightful place in our world.

  •  Master of Relationship with Self   (group series)
  • Emotional Liberation Series     (group series)
  • Creative Sensory Healing  (group series)
  • Angelic Healing – 7 Steps to Transformation   (group series)


Caring for our body and environment is essential during this time of industrialism. We are exposed to more chemicals and denatured foods that maybe harmful to the body, children and future.

  • Nutrition Foundation 101, 201
  • Complete Nutritional Assessment and Hair Analysis
  • Special Diets:  Gluten Free, Raw Vegan , Oncology nutrition
  • Complete Women’s Health  – Breast Health
  • Environmental Awareness & Prevention
  • Detoxification Strategies



Marise_fosterMarise Foster is a compassionate and enthusiastic Integrated Health & Cancer Coach. She is registered in Holistic Nutrition, Yoga, Meditation and La Trame Vibrational Therapy. Her passion is to assists women on their healing journey. She empowers them to play an active role in their health, treatments and healing plan by helping them understand the root of disease, the many treatment options, side effects and strategies for dealing with them.

Marise believes that cancer is not a sentence but rather an opportunity to re-connect with your true self and life purpose.

Since lifestyle and diet is over 75% of the battle and recognizing that an integration of body, mind, spirit and emotion is essential for healing, Marise integrates her vast skills in nutritional oncology, yoga therapy, medicinal meditation, breath techniques and vibrational alchemy work in her amazing health and cancer coaching program. Clients feel supported and leave with a comprehensive plan for diet , mental and emotional stress management, and environmental purification that lead to an increased quality of life and wellbeing.

Marise conducts many group programs being the Healthy Breast Yoga Program by the Mammalive Institute, as well as the Natural Cancer Strategy program in communities around York Region. Her goal is to reach as many people as she can who are touched with cancer, inspiring health while helping to remove the fear of cancer. Marise’s private cancer coaching services are for those desiring a personalized healing protocol that includes continual guidance and support for the duration of one full year.

Marise has a strong desire to share her knowledge and experiences with those who seek it, to empower and heal. Her programs are always presented in practical ways that offer a rewarding experience and her caring and supportive style empowers students and clients to achieve their health objectives.

Marise is registered with the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants (IONC) and Canadian School of Natural Nutrition Alumni (CSNNA). She is registered with the Yoga Alliance E500 and 3HO association as a Kundalini and Hatha Yoga Teacher. She has earned certification as a Meditation Instructor with the Willpower Institute and a Master Instructor of Integrated Energy Therapy with the Center of Being. Marise is a Certified Healthy Breast Yoga Educator and Certified Professional Cancer Coach with the National Association of Professional Cancer Coaches (NAPCC). Marise is also a volunteer with the Canadian Cancer Society and Hospice King Aurora.

Her credentials are constantly upgraded through numerous courses in cancer and holistic programs to meet professional regulatory and registration guidelines in Canada and internationally as a registered nutritional practitioner and cancer coach.

Marise Foster RNCP, RYT, CPCC, Integrated Cancer Coach

Founder of Foster Healthy Lifestyles