Life & Cancer Coaching


 Integrated Cancer Coaching Services

If you are looking for natural cancer treatment protocols or to learn strategies to boost your resistance to disease and cancer you have arrived at the right place.

Our Integrated Life and Cancer Coaching services focus on meeting you where you are at. Weather it be focusing on the best nutrition for your body or providing the mental  and emotional support as you understand what is happening to your life. As your coach, You are my priority. You will feel supported and guided as you become informed about your dis-ease and treatment options. A support that is beyond what any doctor can give you. I will share with you many complementary strategies you can apply in your life immediately to support your mind and body to heal.

You do not have to go through these difficult times alone. Support is there for you.



This 6 week intensive and year long program, educates and supports you on the physical, emotional and mental layers of your being as you make sense of what is happening to you after being diagnosed with cancer. Working with Marise as your coach, you become well informed on the various treatment protocols and feel that you can play an active role in your treatment plan.

This 10/52 week intensive coaching is expertly personalized to your particular cancer and it can be used in combination with allopathic (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) diagnostics and treatment options. The support you get from your coach can really help eliminate your fears of cancer as you learn all the proactive measures you can integrate into your life as you move forward on the next phase in living.

The first ten weeks is designed to empower you so you regain a sense of control over your health and destiny. Each week you will learn something new with regards to diet and lifestyle. In our sessions together, you will receive the care and support in a variety of areas to help restore systemic health, activate the lymphatic and immune systems; understand and heal your emotions; remove toxic environmental influences; accelerate healing with therapeutic nutrition and diet; learn which nutrients are indicated and which are contraindicated during chemo and radiation; reduce or eliminate pain and nausea resulting from chemo and radiation; build psychological and spiritual strength by reducing stress, depression and anxiety through guided imagery and meditation techniques; dominate your healing response through progressive relaxation, life breath therapy , and medicinal meditations. You will have “unlimited access” to your own private, professional cancer coach for one-year period from the date of first appointment. With continual contact with your coach, you will feel reassured to have someone available to you that you can depend on and have as a sounding board as you progress along your healing journey.

Program Includes:

  • A two (2) hour pre-program consultation.
  • Fifty-two (52) weeks of highly qualified professional cancer-coaching support
  • Ten (10) weeks intensive 3 hr/wk in office coaching.
  • One-year of cancer nutrition and lifestyle support as necessary per your diagnosis/prognosis
  • Access to group session:
  • Cooking Demo’s – How to prepare Cancer-Healthy meals, juices, includes cost of food
  • Yoga, Meditation and Healing Breath Techniques, Healing Circle
  • Dis-ease prevention workshops to stay informed.
  • Customized menu plan
  • CD`s on life breath therapy, progressive relaxation, medicinal meditation, and more to support you with your daily practice.
  • Self-care applications for detoxification, enema kit, dry skin brushing, litmus paper and more
  • Access to all Library Material CD/DVD`s (loaned)
  • Receive a ‘Natural Cancer Strategies’ 2 inch Patient Resource Manual, including all materials.
  • Six La Trame – Vibrational Therapy Treatments

The cancer coaching is an integration of the whole multi-dimensional you

 Integrated Cancer Coaching Services


The Healthy Breast Program tm facilitated by Marise Foster RNCP, RYT was developed by Sat Dharam Kaur, N.D. to provide a naturopathic protocol for preventing and treating breast cancer to be used in combination with allopathic diagnostic and treatment options.

The program is designed to educate and provide support to women interested in maintaining or improving the health of their body and breasts.

Components of “The Healthy Breast Program TM”

  • Self risk assessment and strategies for reversing the risks
  • Getting to know your breasts and personal care techniques
  • Breast self-massage and breast self-exam
  • Ways to improve lymphatic circulation
  • Monitoring hormone balance with blood, saliva and urine testing
  • Understanding stress and its link to cancer and development of a stress management program
  • Development of an exercise regimen to prevent breast cancer
  • Environmental links to breast cancer and how to avoid or minimize them
  • Keeping a healthy acid/alkaline body balance
  • Dietary guidelines, check lists, recipes and food preparation strategies
  • Nutritional support for prevention
  • Supporting the immune system
  • Building an annual body detoxification program
  • Assessing toxic metals and mineral balance through blood and urine testing
  • Psychological and spiritual techniques to activate healing

The Healthy Breast Program is presented as a Theory only or in a Theory/Yoga format.


With cancer and disease on the rise, it is important that we educate ourselves on how we can protect ourselves and our families to stay healthy and vibrant.
Learn what risk factors can affect our health as well as the strategies that encourage a healthy body.

This program will provide you with key information on Nutrition. What foods are best and how you can easily transition to a healthful diet. Learn about the toxins and what potential dangers are in your home and life environment. Learn what you can do to convert your house to a sanctuary. As complex unified multidimential beings, our bodies are tightly linked to our mind and emotions. Learn techniques you can practice daily to reduce stress, manage your emotions and support your immune system. Be more present to enjoy life and open the possibility for self healing. All these interesting topic are presented in a 6 week program that teaches and shows you how to live a healthy lifestyle in this modern world.

The Program covers the following topics:
I. Self-Risk Assessment & Natural Strategies for a Healthy Body
II. Lifestyle Strategies for Longevity
III. Nutrition & Digestion to encourage a strong immune system
IV. Nutritional Support and food applications
V. Environmental ~ Need to know factors for protection
VI. Integrated Life – Conscious living for inner peace

Each week incorporates food samples or demo’s, breath work, relaxation, yoga therapy or mindfulness techniques so a personal practice can be continued.
We successfully help individuals regain their vitality and help them understand the foundations for living healthy today.