foster lifeAlthough we eat for energy and nourishment, not all foods are created equally nor do they nourish everyone the same. The reason there are thousands of miracle diets available is because none of them affect everyone the same way.

What is the best diet for you? Nutritional counselling can provide you with a nutritional profile and system health status. Provide you guidance to improve your digestion to better assimilate foods and reduce or eliminate gastro intestinal distress. Become aware of the influence foods has on our health and mood and behaviour with conscious eating. 

Here are 4 stages you will be guided through.

Stage 1: Strengthening: The initial support and strengthening of your vital organs (thyroid, liver, adrenals, enzymes), Clean up the diet, Improve digestion.

Stage 2: Detoxification: This phase is to remove what does not belong in your body and bring what will make you strong. (kidneys, colon, liver, lungs, skin, lymphatic, candida, parasite, heavy metal)

Stage 3: Healing: Support the body in the healing process.

Stage 4: Maintenance: Lifestyle practices in action:

foster life

Receive a complete personalized nutritional assessment which includes hair mineral analysis to determine nutritional deficiencies and identify any compromised systems.  Together we create a nutritional program based on your assessments and health goals that will help you balance nutritionally. You will learn the foundations of good digestion and how to transition to a clean diet that is best suited for you. Book an appointment now to learn what you can do to support your body and feel your youthful energized self. Detoxification protocols may also be recommended.


o Raw Food Preparation Classes – Live I , II & III

o Gluten Free Cooking Classes

o Vegetarianism – Whole Foods

o Transition to Clean Diet

Food preparation classes: These hands on classes will allow you to you explore new tools and foods in the kitchen. Make easy, delicious and nutritious meals prepared in minutes. Learn new breakfast ideas, smoothies, power snacks, and how to making tantalizing salads.


What detoxification is all about:
o Tiered approach: How to start detoxification based on your health state
o Systemic approach: The order to which system or organ you should detoxify first to support your body.
o Developing a yearly detoxification program that works with the seasons.
o Various Fasting Techniques
o Daily lifestyle techniques to detoxification
o Juicing services while fasting

Do you know what is in your cupboards? Learn what the food labels are NOT telling you about Trans fats and more! Marise will come into your kitchen and helps you get rid of ‘what is not enhancing your health’ and make room for ‘new wholesome foods’. Convert your kitchen with products and produce that offer nutritious healthy options that your family will love you for.