Yoga & Meditation

foster lifeYoga is a science of the self. It teaches discipline and cultivates awareness, concentration and an ability to become less reactive but rather more responsive to the oppositions we experience daily. Yoga uses techniques of breath control, movement, relaxation, concentration, and meditation that encourages health and mental discipline.Through regular practice once gains strength, flexibility and clarity of mind. The practice of yoga on the mat is simply a time to learn or be reminded of strategies and lessons we can further incorporate in our lives to live more fully and consciously.

The word yoga come from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj” which mean ‘to join together’ or ‘to Yoke’. Therefore Yoga means union, harness or connection. To connect our self with our higher self, or conscious with super consciousness. Regardless, it works to develop every human faculty (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) to bring them together harmoniously.


Meditation foster lifeMeditation

Meditation is a discipline to develop mental control.  It is a process that involves several stages beginning with relaxation and concentration. There are various types of meditation techniques and most if not all have a focal point. A focal Point is a neutral place for the mind where it can rest. As one develops concentration, the mind filters itself of impurities. Tranquility arises in the mind and body and qualities of neutrality, patience, tolerance, wisdom, happiness and joy arise and are developed.

Meditation Themes:

  • Introduction to Meditation through an exploration of various techniques. (Samadhi, chanting, walking, gazing and more)
  • Healing Pranayam (Breath work)
  • Medicinal Meditation
  • Healing Visualizations

Yoga foster lifeKundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is the yoga of awareness, it is a dynamic style of yoga with a focus on breath and inner strength. This yoga style can be physically demanding yet it is doable for all levels and bodies. The Kriya’s (series of exercises) help to build physical strength and endurance. The nervous system and endocrine system are strengthened enabling you to remain highly functional in these times of stress.

Do your best and keep up!

Kundalini comes from the root “kundal” in Sanskrit, which means “the lock of the hair from the beloved.” The uncoiling of this hair or thread is the awakening of the Kundalini. An untapped reserve of energy that lays dormant at the base of our spine that is said allows us to reach our unlimited potential as humans living in exstacy and a state of full awareness.

Kundalini Yoga Themes ( 8-10 week Series)

  • Healthy Breast Yoga Program
  • Detoxification & Vitality
  • Chakras Activation
  • Ignite our 10 Bodies
  • Emotional Liberation

Hatha Yoga

hatha yogaHatha is the yoga for our physicality. The body is guided into various asanas (postures) to encourage stretching and toning. This practice improves body alignment and circulation in the body.  Yoga helps to enhance the awareness of the body and breath and can help a person to develop a state of mental calm and emotional stability.

The word Hatha is another Sanskrit word and can be broken down into HA & THA . Ha–Sun, THA-Moon. Therefore it is the yoga of duality, opposites, pain/pleasure, light/dark. It is about finding balance between the two opposing forces.

Yoga Nidra – Deep Relaxation and Restorative practice.

yoga nidraThe word Nidra means conscious deep sleep which brings an incredible calmness, quietness and clarity in our life. Yoga Nidra is one of the deepest practices of all meditations: leading awareness though many levels of the mental process to a state of supreme deep stillness and insight. In yoga nidra practices, you will leave the waking state, pass through the dreaming state and will stay in deep sleep yet remain fully awake. Experience conscious deep sleep that helps to relax all levels of life.

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