La Trame

Dear Marise,
I would like to thank you for allowing me to experience the Trame treatments. I was really amazed at the benefits I experienced. I initially thought it would be primarily an emotional balancing treatment which it was but I was amazed at the positive changes I felt physically. I have had a chronic hip contracture which spasms occasionally, I’ve had lots of different treatments as well as modalities but none of these have completely healed my hip. Since my first treatment with Trame I have not experienced any discomfort in my hip and it has completely resolved itself. This was such amazement to me as I have been having my hip treated for approximately eight years with no total resolution.
Beyond the physical improvement I must say that I have been feeling a real positive energy emotionally as well as psychologically.
Thanks again,

Hi Marise,

I think that La Trame was part of an overall process for me. It’s difficult to separate it from the other treatments and changes I’ve been making. I think it may have helped to stir things up, perhaps bringing some things closer to the surface. After one treatment I was able to more easily create a garden plan. The ideas flowed like they hadn’t before. But then at other times I’ve felt frustrated, like there’s something I can’t quite pinpoint. Even so, it feels like whatever it is bubbling is getting closer to the surface.
I hope this wasn’t too vague!

La Trame Program with Marise Foster

Working with Marise Foster on the La Trame program has brought improvements and new exciting developments to my life.

In the beginning when I saw Marise, I was looking for some direction in life, questioning my career became a huge focus, I felt extremely exhausted, poor sleep patterns and I was having headaches. After my first session, I felt a HUGE increase of positive energy, then after the 2nd and 3rd session, my perceptions opened up. Now I can confidently say I am in control of my emotions, knowing how I wish to proceed in my career. My sleep patterns are normal, the headaches are gone and the fatigue has improved. I believe this program has helped me enable to understand my own abilities and strengths, not to be afraid to take on those challenges where previously I might have questioned if I was good enough too.
Thanks to Marise for helping me realize my potential!

La Trame was a life changing experience for me since it was the first treatment that really was able to make a change in my psoriasis condition in a very significant way. By reducing it overall with 85% over just a few treatments is amazing. On top of this are the Trame treatments the gentlest treatments you can imagine. Like with reiki you lie down and just enjoy the relaxing effect from the Trame treatment. The only thing I felt during the treatments was waves of energy moving around throughout my body.
Other effects from the treatment are that my body temperature (at least the feeling) went up and my fear for certain life changing treats dropped. My relationships with other people improved probably because I started to accept myself more as I am and thus feel more relaxed with others….
I thank Marise for introducing me to La Trame, for the relaxing and loving environment she created during the treatment and for the support and spiritual advice provided.

Frank , September 15, 2013.

I felt very honoured to receive and participate in the Trame treatments.
Several significant changes are occurring for me with respect to my business, my attitude of positive excitement going forward in life and much more balance which I have desired for a long time.
I have a strength in my thoughts and opinions which feels empowering.
I am addressing my health care in a more serious approach which feels outstanding.

Many thanks Marise

I find your treatments very effective and presented in an understanding and outstanding calm manner and most helpful.
Very Best

I.K July 28, 2013-09-27

La Trame is definitely the most gentle way of healing I have ever experienced. The state I am in during the treatment is so relaxed and peaceful that it is definitely a place I would like to stay in or go to more often. I could feel my body reacting, but it was never uncomfortable. With every treatment I could feel my body and mind getting lighter, I could feel myself getting more in touch with the real me. I was releasing, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I found more love for myself and more love for the people around me. I found forgiveness for myself and for others. I found balance, patience and acceptance. My body temperature went up to a very comfortable level and my joint pains improved, my body feels softer. La Trame for me was a gentle, loving and effective way of clearing my body and mind of all the burdens it was carrying.
I thank Marise for introducing me to La Trame, for the relaxing and loving environment she created during the treatment and for the support and spiritual advice provided.
It was a wonderful experience that I can recommend to everyone.

Murielle , August 5th 2013.

I have been going through a very difficult time in my life. My husband suffers from Parkinson’s disease and since February his health has steadily declined. He has gone from taking care of his personal needs, helping with the cooking and staying at home on his own to someone who requires help to dress, shower and shave, cannot help with any household chores and must have someone with him at all times as he can no longer get in or out of a chair by himself. In February he occasionally used a cane. He now needs a walker to move about the house.

I have always been strong both physically and emotionally. Stress manifests itself in physical discomfort. The slow decline of his health and his growing dependence on me took its toll. I found myself with a sore knee, to the point I was using his stair lift when I needed to clime the stairs more than once or twice a day. My hip was starting to stiffen, my Eustachian tubes were plugged and I was always tired – often napping in the afternoon despite sleeping for mine hours at night. I was feeling overwhelmed and was unsure what to do about it.

Since starting Trame care, I have noticed some intriguing changes. My sore knee began to get better. At first I had aches and pains showing up in other areas. It was like my body was smoothing out, getting in balance. My left hip was sore for a bit, then my right leg. My back felt tight and I found myself stretching. I stopped napping and even though I am now sleeping eight hours a night I wake feeling refreshed. My ears are clear.

The biggest change is emotionally. I have sought help with my husband’s care, have cried (which I haven’t done in many years) and am seeing a therapist to help me cope with the challenges. I feel balanced, healthy. La Trame has played a significant role in these changes.

Jude August 2013

Marise is a wonderful person to interact with. She is focused and provides her clients with 100% individual attention. She has an innate ability to read a situation/person and gently reframe perceptions which are enlightening. Marise provides feedback which helps her clients to better appreciate growth that has been made.

During the session (on the table) one always feels sage and in caring hands. It is easy to relax and allow the process to happen.
Because I am experiencing a major transition in my own life – retirement after 45 years of working – it is difficult to separate changes based on treatment. I have found the retirement transition very challenging, very emotional and as a result it colors the value of the treatment.
However, I am convinced that the reason I took the “leap” is due to Marise’s care. For that, I am forever grateful as it was time.
Thank you Marise
Appreciatively and affectionately

IET – Certification Course

Marise’s knowledge of energy healing is insightful, organized and beautifully articulated. Her teaching style is genuine, compassionate and authentic. I would confidently recommend her course to anyone wishing to empower themselves and expand their own healing abilities and potential. I feel blessed and grateful to have learned IET from such a pure hearted and gifted healer that focuses on the highest good of her students. Marise, thank you, your heart shines light into the world and allows us all to see ourselves that much clearer. Blessings.
Sincerely Rio

J’ai bien aimé la fin de semaine elle a été enrichissante et je désire en savoir un peut plus. Daniel

IET Healing Session
Dear Marise, just wanted to say thank you! I feel so lighter-(strange). You have a special gift, “magic”. Regards, Mark

Kundalini Yoga
I so look foreword to my weekly class, to learn and to relax. I especially enjoyed the meditative component and the power of breath. Marise is a wonderful teacher who is obviously passionate about her work and extremely knowledgeable. Thank you Very much. Lesley

Your instruction is exceptional Marise. The benefits of your Kundalini Yoga are huge. I have incorporated the breath work into daily activities and sense the beautiful peace and calm daily. Many thanks Marise, Ingrid.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Kundalini classes. I learned a lot about myself and felt very comfortable in each class. Marise, you are a great instructor. I did learn a lot form you. Thank you and I look forward to next session. Josie

This class helped me to reconnect with myself on a spiritual level. It brought me great inner peace and a sense of belonging. I was skeptical of taking a yoga class, but it’s made me feel whole, centered, and more aware of my body and mind in a way I didn’t believe was possible. Thank you so much for making my first yoga experience so warm and inviting. Kelly

Marise, Thanks very much. I found the exercises were very helpful and very relaxing. I enjoyed learning about the numbers and how we can improve our lives.

My experience of this class has allowed me to open up and increase my flexibility. My inner self is far more at peace and calm which I feel extends into my daily life. I feel I am beginning to reconnect with my true self. Janet.

I love the opportunity I have experienced through connecting with all my 10 Bodies through breath. I would love to come back. Jan

I met Marise Foster by chance…at least that is how I have labeled it. Since this chance meeting I have attended her Kundalini Yoga classes. These classes have fulfilled a need I was secretly seeking for quite some time. The knowledge imparted about the body, the exercises performed and the spirituality connections are exactly what I was seeking. I have grown stronger both physically, spiritually and I am finding it easier to deal with the daily stresses of life. I have made a lifetime investment with her!

I have enjoyed the Yoga classes very much. I feel much stronger and have a greater degree of flexibility in my body. The meditation is very relaxing. I would highly recommend these classes for integration of body, mind and spirit.

Nutritional Consulting

My daughter and I really enjoyed our visit with you. It gave us a lot of insight and was very inspiring. There will definitely be a transition period but we’ve already tried the spelt pasta that we bought yesterday and we enjoyed it. Again, thank you for your kind, supportive words. I believe that it has a real impact on children to hear such positive messages from people other than their parents. The universe was certainly lining up our meeting. We look forward to our next session. Warm regards, L.F

Marise, you have changed my life and my perceptions on food and health, especially on my personal health and wellbeing. Without your recommendations and guidance, I would be in a very different place physically and emotionally that I am now. I hope you continue to help people for a long time. Pierre

Teaching and Wellness Talks

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your practicum on Increasing Energy. I heard some information that was new to me and that tweaked my attention, which is always delightful. An example of this was the healing power of the morning sun and exercising with mindfulness. I also heard information that was given in different words or from a different angle than what we have previously been taught. This lets the learner get a more 3-dimensional view of the concept being learned. Examples of this were numerous in the section on Energy Drainers and Gainers, preconceiving them in terms of their energetic natures. Thanks so much!

I feel very grateful that I attended your practicum on Increasing Energy. At the beginning, during the introductions, I said that I was feeling down and that I had no particular hope of feeling differently. But I enjoyed your energy so much. It’s like a beacon. Perhaps one lesson I am learning in life is my power to choose what I put on my plate from the energy buffet, simultaneously revising the idea that I have to eat whatever is force fed to me. So thanks SO MUCH. I will look forward to the delight of seeing you whenever it happens again. Yours with affection, Frances

Marise, I just wanted to take a few moments of your time to thank you for the great class today. I learned so much. This is actually the first class someone taught us about how our bodies make energy. I have been taught in other classes, but never understood it until today!!! Keep up the great teaching!! Thank you, Melanie

Marise, it was really nice meeting you. I haven’t seen anybody with that much internal energy for a long time. It is nice to see people interested in the well-being of the soul, and reflecting life and love to others. And you were radiating with much energy. Shady